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About Tibee

Tibee is here to help you rediscover yourself and cope more with your daily struggles easier. We offer group therapy sessions facilitated by a professional therapist where you will get peer support in a confidential, safe space.

Our name is derived from the Latin Word “Tibi” which means “for you.”


Currently, no online mental health groups are dedicated to those over 55s. To address this problem, we have created Tibee for you. Tibee groups a maximum of five people with similar issues, ages, and demographics into distinct groups. We aim to make therapy and counseling convenient and affordable for all.

Tibee enables you to converse and share thoughts and challenges in the comfort of your home. Our group therapy sessions are for everyone, irrespective of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  

Tibee with you, Tibee for you

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Meet Our Therapists

We offer well-thought out therapy sessions where you can rediscover yourself and get peer support as well as help from our trained therapists.

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Integrative counsellor

An integrative counsellor and wellness coach by profession, Mags is a member of the BACP. 


Her sessions offer a warm space for you to feel valued and listened to. Her hobbies and interests include exploring all aspects of art, writing a blog, park walks and a frequent swim at her local Lido. She also enjoy taking her three young grandsons on adventures. 

Mags Lewis



Trauma-informed Art Psychotherapist and EMDR therapist

Olatunde specialises in working with the impact of traumatic events. Her aim is to support people to overcome traumatic events, reduce symptoms and find more balance in life. Poor sleep, panic attacks, feeling irritable and feeling on high alert can be responses to trauma. Trauma-informed ways of working can help reduce symptoms and support you to feel more in control of your responses and reactions to life's difficulties. She is a member of HCPC.

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Director and Founder of Scenario Arts in Personal Development and Drama Therapist

Rachel has been a registered Dramatherapist for over 30 years. her own models of dramatherapy namely The Theatre of Our Lives has been applied in various settings including education, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, stress and anger management within the corporate sector and Women in Crisis groups. She also uses Forum Theatre as a tool for self empowerment

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Integrative Psychotherapist

Helen has 29 years experience working as a Psychotherapist and Creative Arts Therapist. She has both MA in Drama and Movement Therapy and an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing. Alongside of her private practice and offering supervision to students, Helen worked in the NHS as a counsellor in GP’s surgeries working with adults for over three years. Much of her work is about helping people to rediscover their self worth - forgotten, buried or never allowed to fully emerge. She is a member of HCPC and BACP.



Integrative Psychotherapist

Jacqueline has worked for almost 10 years as a movement and drama
therapist in both clinical and community adult mental health settings with clients with complex conditions, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and clinical depression. In addition, she has worked as a dramatherapist for a community opera performance with
women with learning difficulties.

She has her PhD in social psychology and is a member of BADth and HCPC.

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