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  • How do I know if I need Tibee group therapy sessions?
    Tibee group therapy could be for you if you have difficulty 'switching off' from your thoughts, are feeling lonely, anxious, or are generally struggling to manage your emotions. Tibee groups are also a safe space for you to explore grief or trauma. Tibee is not suitable if: You are in an urgent crisis or emergency for example suicidal or considering harming others. In this scenario you should contact the emergency services. We are looking forward to offering more specialised services soon but currently we are unable to help if you are diagnosed with dementia, schizophrenia or bipolar. This is not an exhaustive list please contact us for more details
  • Do I need a diagnosis to attend?
    No you do not need a diagnosis to join Tibee and our therapist can not diagnose or prescribe medicine.
  • Are the sessions confidential?
    Yes, the sessions are confidential. Within the session, you do not have to reveal personal details or share anything you do not want to share.
  • How long does a session last?
    Each session will last one hour. There is no limit to how long you can remain subscribed to the service, and you can cancel at any time.
  • How many people will be in my group?
    The maximum number of participants in a group will be five (yourself included) There will also be a professional therapist to lead the session.
  • How do you personalise my group?
    After you have signed up, we will send you an easy-to-complete form. Once you have returned this, our therapists will assess the form to ensure you are matched into a personalised group that considers factors such as age and needs.
  • Can I change my group?
    If you need to change your group then simply let us know, and we will work with you to switch to another more suitable group.
  • Can my partner/friend attend instead of me?
    No, a partner or friend can not attend a session in your place. Please direct them to contact us, and we can sign them up and choose an appropriate group for them.
  • Do I need privacy to attend the sessions?
    Please attend your sessions in a private location. This not only respects the confidentiality and comfort of other group participants but also minimises background noise and disruption to the session. If you are unable to do this, please ensure you attend with a headset or earphones that prevents others from hearing what is being discussed by group members.
  • What device do I need to access the online sessions?
    You can access the sessions via any device that can run Zoom and have a good internet connection. However, to get the most benefit from your sessions we recommend a tablet or device with a minimum 10-inch screen. This will allow you to see all the participants. We also recommend keeping the device plugged in during the session.
  • Which online platform do you use?
    We use Zoom to facilitate our sessions. We will share the Zoom meeting details with you in advance.
  • Why do you need my card details?
    When signing up, we ask you to input your card details so we can take the subscription payment in advance of your sessions. However, we won't take payment until we have discussed this with you and scheduled your sessions
  • Do I pay for sessions that I can not attend?
    Payment is made in advance and not refunded if you cannot attend your session. Simply attend the next session in your schedule.
  • Cancellations
    Just email us at with 14 days notice and no further payments will be taken after the notice period. Remember, you can continue to attend any sessions you have already paid for until your subscription expires and would be welcome to restart anytime.
  • Further questions?
    If you have any further questions please email and we will be happy to discuss these with you.
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